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Friday, July 1, 2011

Wale's All Black Nike Foamposites or Dark Pine?

Check out these new pictures of Wale's pair of nike foamposite all blacks. These sneakers are pretty rare to come by, I have never seen any for sale on the internet or sneaker store. I wonder how Wale got these all black foamposites. Were they made exclusively for him. Do not get these all black foams confused with the Dark Pine foams. They are two different sneakers

Wale all black foamposite

all black foamposite one

all black foams worn by wale


  1. nigga that is dark pine u dummy look at the green swoosh and ice sole stupid

  2. and the all black is pennies not pros

  3. Please... Wale Who? I grabbed these joints in 00' on Fordham rd... still gottem' before your boy was even thinking of a rap deal...

  4. I wonder how Wale got these all black foamposites. ...



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