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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kanye West Aqua 8 Jordans- Kanye's Favorite Sneaker?

You can see Kanye west aqua 8's a lot. For many years the Jordan retro 8 has been one of Kanye West's favorite sneakers period. You can see Kanye wearing his aqua 8's to the gym, in concert, and while he walks the street. Perhaps Kanye west wearing aqua 8's to the mall is something you can see often. Does Kanye West love Air Jordan retro 8 aqua color. Here are some pictures of Kanye wearing them.

Kanye West wearing aqua 8 retros
Kanye West working out in his aqua 8 jordans
Kanye West aqua 8 playing basketball
Jay-Z at a basketball game with Kanye West aqua 8 jordans
Kanye West aqua 8 jays bape hoodie

kanye west aqua 8 jordans in concert

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