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Monday, July 25, 2011

Lebron James Images

the lbj lebron james back in the heat. lebron is a dunker. lebron is a jumpshooter and a dribbling pointguard. he loves to pump fake and cross over.

lebron nike reverse dunk

lebron wallpaper kink james

lebron txting on his blackberry

lebron holding a white chick

Nike Foamposite Release Dates 2011

Check out all the foamposites coming out in 2011. Nike Foamposite release dates are something every sneaker head wants to know because they are a popular Nike sneaker. So far the only official Foamposite release dates ahead are for the Dark Pine foams that come out on September 2, 2011.

Dark Pine Foamposites 2011 release
2011 Foamposite Release Dates

Pictures of Air Yeezys Sneakers

Yeezys have proven to be one of the most anticipated sneaker releases in the new millennium. Kanye West did a great job when he dropped the first yeezys, but he didnt make enough pairs. The sneakers were to limited edition and still go upwords of a thousand dollars on sites like ebay and If you are luck enough to get your hand on the second generation of Yeezys you might be spending a bit of change.

The first Yeezys ever made
Could this be the yeezy 2's

Kanye Wearing the new yeezys

Kobe Wearing Air Jordans

kobe Wearing Jordans yellow and white
kobe bryant Wearing jordans on jimmy kimmel live
 Kobe know that he will never be as great as micheal jordan but he sure does like to wear his jordan sneakers.

Air Yeezy 2 Release Closer Than We Think

Appearantly there is no official word on the Air Yeezy 2 release date. But we can assume that Kanye and Nike will let the hype build as much as possible. We already know that they are not going to have any problem selling these sneakers so why not do the Air Yeezy 2 release now? We can only hope that Kanye West is hard at work perfecting his design and making sure they release the best colorways possible. Stay tuned for more air yeezy 2 info.

Kanye rockin the Yeezy 2 release on stage

Sunday, July 24, 2011

TISA Snapbacks Pictures

Tisa snapbacks are probably the best and most expensive snapback caps you can buy now. If you havent cought on by now, Snapbacks are the latest trend in street fashion. It used to be that you could only get respect with a fitted on, but now you can floss in Tisa snapbacks.

Click Here For The 2011 Tisa Snapback Collection

Heat Tisa Snapbacks
Different TISA Snapbacks
TISA Snapback caps
Big Sean wearing Tisa snapback

Close Look at Galibier Bugatti Pictures

The Galibier Bugatti is one of the best looking Bugatti cars available. Some People prefer the Galibier Bugatti over the Veyron. This Bugatti is a sedan which means it has 4 doors.

Galibier Bugatti 4 Doors

Galibier Bugatti Interioer
Galibier Bugatti front hood lights

Brioni Suits For Men

Brioni Suits are some of the finest pieces of expenisve clothing for men. Brioni was made famous by the mob boss John Gotti who only wore Expensive Brioni Suits.

Brioni Suits are very expensive

2 expensive Brioni suits
Brioni suits light and dark

Expensive Suits For Men

Here are some Expensive Suits for men. You can see expensive suits by Ralph Lauren, Brioni, Armani, Sean John, Gucci and More

Expensive Suits by Brioni
3 expensive suits clothing for men to wear

Expensive Suits by Sean John

some really expensive suits

Brazilian Bikini & Thong Girls

We love Brazilian Bikini models. If you ever visit Brazil, you should try and get to know one of the sexy girls showing off her perfect ass in her thong. If you play your cards right, you could have your way with some of the most beautiful women on earth.

Brazilian Bikini Girl bending over

Brazilian girl showing off her thong

very sexy brazilian bikini girl

2 brazilian beauties in bikinis

I wish this Brazilian girl was not wearing a bikini

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Transformer Nike Dunks

Transformer Nike Dunk SB. These Nike sneakers are bumblebee colors yellow and black

Transformer Nike Dunk SB High top

The Brooklyn Bridge Picture

The Brooklyn Bridge

Friday, July 22, 2011

Nike Air Jordan 2's

White Red and Black jordan 2's
Jordan 2's were the second Jordans to be released by nike and micheal jordan. they are plain looking but they are very expensive.
White and Red Jordan 2's

Blue Black and White Jordan 2's

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Lil Wayne Wearing Chucks Converse Sneakers

Here are som Pictures of Lil Wayne Wearing Chucks. I bet you only thought Taylor Gang wore chuck taylors but that is not true. You can easily see Lil Wayne wearing chucks
Lil Wayne Wearing Chucks
Lil Wayne Wearing Chucks
Lil Wayne Wearing Purple Converse Chucks

Lil Wayne Wearing Chucks on Stage

Clarks Shoes All New Pictures

Clarks Shoes are becoming very popular, here are some pictures of Clarks shoes in case you didn't know what they look like?

Clarks Shoes
Clarks Shoes for sale

Clarks Shoes on Ellen Degeneres

Drakes Sunglasses

Check out Drakes Sunglasses
Rapper Drake loves to wear sunglasses. Drake usually has on either Ray Bans, Gucci, LV and more high cost brands. When drake wears sunglasses in a picture he make the room light up.

The Aqua 7 Jordan Sneaker

Aqua 7 Jordan Sneakers


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