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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Check Out Rick Ross Custom Crooks & Castles Sunglasses

exclusive pics of Rick Ross sunglasses. You can see him wearing the red Crooks & Castles shades. These were custom designed for Ross himself. These Rick Ross Crooks & Castles sunglasses look very nice. I want to know where to buy Rick Ross sunglasses. Maybe one day I will get my hands on these Crooks and Castles Rick Ross shades

Rick Ross Crooks & Castles sunglasses

Rick Ross Sunglasses Crooks & Castles
Rick Ross Wearing Crooks & Castles necklace & hat

Rick Ross Crooks & Castles Sunglasses shades

Rick Ross wearing his Crooks & Castles sunglasses in the club

Drake Wearing Crooks and Castles Clothing

Here are pictures of Young Money rapper Drake wearing Crooks and Castles Clothes. As you can see many celebrities, musicians, and rappers like Drake wear Crooks & Castles. You can see him wearing T-shirts, hoodies, shoes, and jeans by Crooks and Castles.

Drake Crooks and Castles

Drake Wearing a Crooks and Castles T shirt
Drake in some crooks and castles appearal
Drake buying some Crooks and Castles clothes
Drake Crooks & Castles custom T Shirt thank me later

Wiz Khalifa Wearing Cloud Kicker Clothing Brand

Did you know Wiz Khalifa has his own clothing brand called Cloud Kicker? This Wiz Khalifa clothing line featrures graphic tee's, hoodies, fleeces, as well as fitted caps by 59fifty. not many people know that Cloud Kicker is Wiz Khalifa's clothing brand. here are some pictures of Wiz Khalifa wearing cloud kicker.

Wiz Khalifa wearing a white and purple cloud kicker tee

Wiz wearing a cloud kicker shirt in concert

Khalifa performing with a cloud kicker tee on
Wiz wearing star cloud kicker Tin the studio

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wiz Khalifa's Clothes - Taylor Gang Clothing

Wiz Khalifa Taylor Gang clothes are pretty nice if you are a wiz fan. You can show your love for khalifa when you wear taylor gang shirts, hoodies, & tees. You can see some pictures of Wiz khalifa wearing taylor gang hoodies. If you are looking where to buy wiz khalifa clothes then you should check out these pics below.

Wiz Khalfa wearing a taylor gang sweatshirt

Taylor gang clothes wiz khalifa
Wiz Khalifa Clothes
Wiz Khalifa Wearing Taylor gang clothes

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nike Foamposite Electric Blue Coming Out in July

If you are a Nike Foamposite fan then you are probably excited about the new release on July 1st 2011. It has been a while since Nike released a new foamposite colorway. These electric blue foamposites should do well. Not sure what the price of Nike Foamposite electric blue is but you can definitely pick them up when they release in July. Will you be able to buy these electric blue foamposites at the sneaker stores like footlocker and them?

Nike Foamposite Electric Blue July 1st 2011

Electric Blue Foamposites Release

Brand new Foamposite electric blue coming out July

Nike Foamposites July 2011 Electric Blue


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