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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wale To Release His Own Nike Foamposite Sneaker - Wale X Nike

Wale is going to make his own Foamposite sneaker. Looks like as soon as Kanye started collabing with Nike to make the Air Yeezy, almost every rapper wants to release their own sneaker. Before it was just basketball players, but rappers go with sneakers just as much as ballers now a days. Looks like Wale wants to work with Nike to drop his own Foamposite Wale edition. They are probably going to look good seeing that Wale loves wearing Foamposites.

Wale Hints at Possible Nike Foamposite Collab
Wale To Create a Nike Foamposite sneaker
Wale wants to make his own version of Nike Foamposite

Wale sure does love Foamposite

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