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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Keep Your Sneakers From Creasing - Stop Creases For Free

Ever wondered what a good way of preventing your sneakers from creasing? Sick of spending money on products like the decreaser or force fields? We all are in the same boat my friends. I can not tell you how many times I have creases in my sneakers especially sneakers like Nike Air Force 1's. It seems like if you wear them once, The sneakers crease and you might as well throw them away or make them your hooping shoes. I am going to tell you a few steps you can try instead of wasting your money on a Decreaser.

How To Stop Sneaker Creases For Good

1. Stuff the toe of your sneakers with socks or Paper Towel when not wearing them - This helps maintain form, as well as correct any minor creases from the last time you rocked them.

stop sneaker creases

keep sneakers from creasing

2. Keep an extra sock on the top of your foot while wearing them - This adds pressure to the toe box and prevents the toe from creasing while you walk

stop sneaker creasing

3. Curl your toes when you walk- This may not be the most comfortable way to stop creases but it definitely works great. You can relax your toes when you are not walking.

4. Make your own Decreaser - You can easily make your own version of "The Decreaser" with some cardboard and plastic. (See the video below for detailed instructions)

How To Make Your Own Sneaker Decreaser For Free

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