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Friday, April 29, 2011

Girl Retro 5 Black & Red - Girls Jordans Coming Out In May

Word is that these new black and red Girl jordan 5 retros are all set to release on May 7th, 2011. All you females out there should grab a pair of these for the summer. these Air Jordan Girl retro 5's are nice especially because of the black/red colorway.

Girl Jordan Retro 5 Black Red

Girl Jordans Retro 5 Black & Red

Black & Red Girl Jordan 5 Sneakers

Friday, April 22, 2011

Rick Ross Jordans - Pictures of the Boss Wearing Jordans

get a load of the pictures of Rick Ross Wearing Jordans. You can catch Ross's Favorite Jordan retros in these exclusive pics. Who would have known that Rick Ross would be such a Jordan Fan. I guess if you're shining and getting money like him it's no big deal. Once again I hope you enjoy these pictures of Rick Ross Jordans.

Rick Ross Jordans

Rick Ross wearing Jordan 9's on a magazine cover

Rick Ross Wearing Jordan 6's Blue and Red
Rick Ross Jordans - Black & Red 6's

Rick Ross Next to Diddy Wearing Jordans - retro 13 playoffs
Rick Ross Jordan Retro 5

Rick Ross Wearing His Jordan Retro 6's
Rick Ross Jordan Retro 9
Rick Ross Wearing Jordans on the red carpet

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pictures of Hot Girls Wearing Jordans - Sexy Girls in Retros

We know all you sneaker heads love seeing pictures of hot girls wearing Jordans. I think all Jordan models should girls in my opinion. Who wants to see another dude rocking the pair of Jordans you want to buy. Enjoy these pictures of sexy Jordans.

Sexy Girl Wearing a Pair of Jordan 6's

wow this girl in Jordans in fine girl from jordan
Hot girl wearing retros - she must be a sneaker head girl from jordan
Model wearing a pair of Jordans
Sexy Model holding some Jordan sneakers

2 bad bitches wearing Jordan retros

More Pictures of Hot Girls In Jordans
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Chris Brown Wearing Retro Jordans - Chris Brown Jordan

Catch these pictures of Chris Brown wearing Jordan retro 4's. In the first picture he is wearing the red and black 4's. They are a classic and have been worn by many celebs including Kanye West, and Drake. I would consider them one of the most poplular Jordans of all time. Some of the other Jordans in these pics are Chris Brown wearing 3's and other of his favorite Jordans. Enjoy the rest of these pictures of Chris Brown Wearing Jordans.

Chris Brown Wearing His Jordan Retro 4's
Chris Brown's Retros Jordan 4 Black & Red

Chris Brown Skating In His Jordan 3's

Jordan Retro 3 Chris Brown Edition

Chris Brown Hooping in a pair of Jordans
Chris Brown's Air Jordan 6 White/Red

Chris Brown Wearing a Pair of Jordan 1's Blue & Red

Chris Brown Wearing Jordan 13 White & Red

Friday, April 15, 2011

New Jordan CMFT 13 - Black/Green Coming Out in May 2011

Take a look at these pictures of Jordan CMFT 13 Black/Green sneakers. These kicks are suspected to drop mid to late May. There is no official word on that yet though. If you think you want to buy a pair of these CMFT 13 Black & Green, then check out below.
CMFT 13 Black & Green
Black/Green Jordan CMFT 13's

Jordan CMFT 13 Black and Green May 2011

Jordan CMFT 10 Black & White - Coming Out in May 2011

Looking forward to these Jordan CMFT 10's which are dropping in the black and white colorway at some point in May of this year. They should be a nice looking sneaker. They remind me of Air Max's a little bit, but only because they are a running shoe. I am not going to lie these Jordan CMFT 10 Black & White sneakers are not bad.
Jordan CMFT 10 is black and white with grey bottom

black/white Jordan CMFT 10

Bottom of Jordan CMFT 10 May 2011

all black and white jordan CMFT 10

Jordan Phase 23 Hoops - White/Blue - May 2011 Release

These  Phase 23 Hoops - White/Blue are everything but hot to me. You will never really catch a pair of non-retro Jordans like this on my feet. These Phase 23 Hoops made by Jordan are going to drop in the White and Mineral Blue Colorway. These Jordans may be suitable for basketball play, They have a Velcro strap on the front so you can tighten the Phase 23 Hoops to your feet. These are coming out in May.

Jordan Phase 23 Hoops - White/Blue Coming out may 2011
jordans coming out in may phase 23 white blue
phase 23 hoops mineral blue and white
jordan white mineral blue phase 23


Air Jordan Retro 5 Wolf Grey - Coming May 7th, 2011

Here goes another highly anticipated Retro Jordan sneaker release. As you guys probably know by now, I am not a very big fan of 5 retros, but these are nice and clean. The wolf grey kind of makes the shoe look dusty all the time which is not very attractive to the eye. But anyways you can buy these Jordan retro 5's wolf grey on May 7th, 2011 which is the official release date.

Wolf Grey Jordan 5's

Air Jordan V Wolf Grey Back

Retro V Side View Jordan 5

Jordan 5 Wolf Grey Retro 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nike High Heels - New High Heel Dunks For Women

What won't Nike think of? These new Nike high heel dunks for women are classy and sporty at the same time. Not sure if I would suggest dunking or yamming on people while wearing these. Matter of fact I would not play basketball at all while wearing these if I was a girl. Either way these new Nike Dunk High Heels are what it is if you are a woman. If you are a dude, don't rock these please. You will get laughed at, drilled, and possibly smacked by your family, friends, and enemies. Does Nike even make High Heels Dunks For women, or is this another scam or fake product? Who knows, but if they look cool to you then grab a pair.

Black & Yellow Nike High Heels For Women

Black Pink Nike High Heel girls
Black Red High Heels Dunks by Nike

Silver Nike Women's High Heels
Nike High Heel Dunks
Pink Nike SB Dunk High Heels for Girls

Kanye West Wearing Jordan 3 Retro In Music Video 2011

Kanye West has been spotted wearing his retro Jordan 3's in his E.T. music video with Katy Perry. Kanye loves Jordans and you can tell because these pictures show Kanye West wearing Jordans. He is also rocking an expensive clothing brand called Balmain. this dude Kanye really likes 3's for some reason.

Kanye West wearing Jordan 3 retros

Kanye west's Jordan 3 retros

Kanye West and Katy Perry - E.T.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jordan Retro 5 Black - First Look 2011

These black retro 5 Jordans are all set to release on July 2nd, 2011. We first heard about this retro Jordan release a few months back, but we were unsure what to think. It seems like Black & Red is the new thing when it comes to Jordans. If you go to footaction or footlocker you will see a lot if Black & Red Jordans and Nikes. Just wondering what made them wait to drop these retros till July 2011.

retro 5 black retros

Jordan Retro 5 Black

black jordan 5 retros

black Jordan 5 back view
pair of black jordan 5's


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