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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Watch "The Black Mamba" - Kobe Bryant's New Movie Featuring Kanye West

I was happy to see this short film put together by Kobe Bryant and Robert Rodriguez. basically The Black Mamba Movie with Kobe Bryant is 6 minutes of advertisement for Kobe Bryant's new sneakers that he created called the Black Mamba sneakers or otherwise known as the Zoom Kobe VI sneakers. In this movie Kobe must first defeat "The Crippler" played by Danny Trejo. Then "Mister Suave" who is really Bruce Willis. Then Kobe is face to face with Kanye West or "The Boss" who he plays in this film. Kobe must play a game of basketball against Kanye West's team of evil players. Overall I think this is a great short film, especially if you are a Kobe and Nike fan.

Zoom Kobe VI Sneakers - Black Mamba

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