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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lil Wayne Can't Wait For Air Yeezy 2 to Drop - Will He Wear Them?

Air Jordan Shoe Favs Tee by Jordan Apparel (Black-White-Varsity/Red)Lil Wayne was a big fan of the Air Yeezy's when they first came out a few years ago. He has taken many pictures wearing Air Yeezy's. When the Air Yeezy 2's come out Lil wayne will most likely cop a pair. You can count on Kick Fiends to show you pictures of Lil Wayne wearing Air Yeezy 2's when Kanye West releases them, but for now here is some pics of Lil Wayne wearing Yeezy's.

Will Lil Wayne Wear Air Yeezy 2's When They Drop?

Lil Wayne Wearing Air Yeezy Sneakers

See Kanye West Wearing Air Yeezy 2

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