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Friday, February 18, 2011

Does Lil Wayne love Wearing Jordan Retro 13 Sneakers

I think Lil Wayne has a thing for Jordan XIII Retros You can find Lil Wayne wearing Jordan 13's a lot at basketball games and other events. They are one of my favorite retros of all time and they are in my top sneakers. I really like them in the red & white colorway which is what you can see Wayne wearing in the pictures below.
Lil Wayne Wearing Jordan 13 Retro Sneakers

Lil Wayne wearing Jordan 13 while performing

Pictures of Kanye West's Jordan Collection


  1. That picture at the bottom with the Flints isn't Wayne... Thats Kanye West's Artist Big Sean..... you can tell by his arms and chains,,,, Wayne is Tatted all over, if you look at his arms, they're are clearly no tattoos. Also, that is SAYITAINTTONE next to him,,, TONE always wears that red polo hat lol

  2. Wow Good catch lol I didn't even realize that was sean.



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