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Friday, February 25, 2011

New Jordans Coming Out In April - Retro 7 Black - Grey - Bordeaux

Jordan Retro 7 Bordeaux

These sneakers right here are some of the new Jordans coming out in April 2011. These kicks should definitely grab some attention. If you like Jordans and retro 7's then these are probably something you will enjoy on your feet. They are the Jordan retro 7 Black / Grey & Bordeaux. The retro 7 sneaker is one of the more popular sneakers and it is Big Sean's favorite Jordan. These 7 retros are all set to release on April 7th 2011



March 2011 Air Jordan Releases - Pics of New Jordans

You know we got the full list of Jordans coming out in March 2011, which is this year. Now usually we only show you guys retros when it comes to Jordan sneakers, but we think we should show you the whole list of Jordans coming out. There is a lot to look for from Jordan this year, and some of my favorite Jordan March releases are on this list.

Jordan Brand March 2011 Footwear Releases Update
Jordan March 2011 Releases

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lil Wayne Can't Wait For Air Yeezy 2 to Drop - Will He Wear Them?

Air Jordan Shoe Favs Tee by Jordan Apparel (Black-White-Varsity/Red)Lil Wayne was a big fan of the Air Yeezy's when they first came out a few years ago. He has taken many pictures wearing Air Yeezy's. When the Air Yeezy 2's come out Lil wayne will most likely cop a pair. You can count on Kick Fiends to show you pictures of Lil Wayne wearing Air Yeezy 2's when Kanye West releases them, but for now here is some pics of Lil Wayne wearing Yeezy's.

Will Lil Wayne Wear Air Yeezy 2's When They Drop?

Lil Wayne Wearing Air Yeezy Sneakers

See Kanye West Wearing Air Yeezy 2

Pictures of Drake Wearing Jordans - Celebrity Air Jordan

Here is a little collection of pictures of rapper Drake wearing Air Jordans. Air Jordans have always been a big part of Hip Hop culture and you can see many rappers in Jordans. Does Drake wear Jordans? You tell us, cause these pictures of Drake seem like solid proof,
Drake wearing Jordan 4's retro

Drake wearing Jordan 9's

True Blue White Retro 3 Jordan - June 2011 Release

True Blue 3's Jordan Retro
When are the True Blue Jordan 3 Retros coming out? Looks like we are going to have to wait until June of this year. The colorway in these Jordan's is mostly white, with cement grey and black trim along with blue near the sole of the sneaker. I really like retro 3's and these Jordan True Blue 3's are great looking. I can't wait to swag them this summer.

Jordan True Blue 3 Retro

Jordan 3 True Blue Front

Jordan 3 True Blue Video Preview

Nike Air Max 90 CBF Pack - Air Max Premium Black

Nike Air Max 90 CBF in Black
Nike has released another beautiful all black pair of Air Max 90's, this time they have dubbed the name "CBF" which is printed on the top back of the sneaker. These are not the first CBF Nike released though. An all white pair of Air Max 90 CBF's came out sometime ago. I believe CBF stands for; ConfederaĆ§Ć£o Brasileira de Futebol, which is the most popular soccer league in Brazil. These are a great looking all black Air Max sneaker.

Air Max 90 CBF All Black

Air Max 90 CBF

See More Pictures of Nike Air Max 90 CBF

Monday, February 21, 2011

New Jordan Retro 7 "Orion" Blue - Coming Out This March 2011

Picture of Jordan Retro 7 Orion
All I can say is, "Wow... what a great looking jordan sneaker". They are so clean looking and in my eyes are exactly what sneakers should look like in 2011. They are called the Jordan Retro 7 Orion. I really love the colorway that Air Jordan chose to use on these. Apparently, the blue used is called "Orion" blue. These Jordan Retro 7's will definitely be on my feet when they come out on March 26th 2011.

Air Jordan Retro 7 Orion Side View
Back of Air Jordan Retro 7

Buy Jordan Retro 7 Orion Blue

Search for jordan orion

Watch a Jordan Retro 7 Orion Video Review

Best Nike Running Shoes - Our Favorite Air Max Sneakers

Sometimes I think we here at Kick Fiends fail to do enough posts on one of Nike's best sneaker lines. This would be the Nike Air Max. There have been many Air Max's released over the years, but any sneaker head would agree that the most prized Air Max's would be the Air Max 90, Air Max 95, and The Air Max 97. Why do we love these ones? Who knows, maybe it's just because they look the best. So here is a little collage of some of our favorite Air Max sneakers

Nike Air Max 95 Stash
Nike Air Max 95 Stash

Nike Air Max 95 "Sole Collector Cowboy"
Air Max 97 "One Time Only"

Air Max 97 "Playstation"

Air Max 90 Warhawk Sneakers

Air Max 90 Homegrown

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What to Expect From Air Yeezy 2 When They Come Out

With all the recent hype on the internet going on about the Air Yeezy 2's, especially when Kanye wore them in Kobe's movie "The Black Mamba" I thought it was only right to point out some of the things we as sneaker heads would like to see done differently when Kanye West & Nike release the Air Yeezy 2 (that is if they even release them).
  1. Different/More Colorways - I hope when the Air Yeezy 2's come out Nike releases them in a few different colors. Now I really like the black & pink (which Kanye West wore in the video), as well as the other colors but maybe a red & black colorway would be nice?
  2. More Availability - One of the biggest problems with the first Air Yeezy was the fact they only made a certain amount of them. They were extremely hard to find retail and they only way you could get your hands on a pair was if you wanted to pay more than 5 times the price on eBay. I guess this is why so many fakes were made. I hope the Air Yeezy 2 is more commercially available to the public.
  3. Change the Bulky Strap -  Now I am not saying Kanye should get rid of the big strap that goes over the laces on the Air Yeezy 2, but maybe he should reconsider the desing and make it look cooler than it did on the original release
  4. No More Glow in The Dark - I doubt Kanye West will bring back the glow in the dark sole when he releases the new Air Yeezy 2's. To me the glow in the dark made them seem "cheesy" and more like something you would see on a pair of Sketchers. I hope he changes that aspect of the design.

See More Pics of Kanye Wearing Air Yeezy 2

First Look - Jordan Fusion 4 Premier - White/Red/Black - March Release

Jordan Fusion 4 Premier
Jordan Fusion 4 Premier

Now I have never gotten very excited over a Jordan Fusion release, but these Jordan Fusion 4 Premier are very pleasing to the eye. I think Nike & Jordan did some nice work on this design. I have always considered IV's to be my favorite retros and probably Air Force 1 is my favorite Nike sneaker. For some reason I just never really liked Fusions though. All of these pictures of Jordan 4 Fusion Premier sneakers make it look like a great summer shoe. You can look forward to buying a pair of these on their release date of March 5th, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Air Jordan 13 Retro - "Playoffs" - Coming Feb 26, 2011

Air Jordan 12 Retro Playoffs

Yes, we are just as excited as you are about being less than a week away from the Jordan 13 Retro "Playoffs". These kicks look great. I have always had a special place in my heart for XIII's and these are going to be a great addition to my ever growing Jordan collection. They are not like any 13 release I have ever really seen before. These Jordan Retro 13's are all black, but the sole is white and red. Very interesting if you ask me.

Check Out More Pics of These 13's

Nike SB Dunk High Premium - Statue of Liberty Edition - Coming Soon

Side View of the SB Dunk Statue of Liberty

Nike SB Dunk High Premium - Statue of Liberty

These are preview pictures of the Nike SB Dunk High Premium Statue of Liberty Sneakers. They are going to come out sometime this month. They are a pretty cool design, obviously inspired by our national symbol Lady Liberty. One awesome thing about these kicks is that when you skate with them and scuff them up the color turns brown then silver just like the real Statue of Liberty.

Big Sean Talks about his Favorite Jordans & Air Yeezy 2

This is an exclusive interview that Big Sean did with Shoe Game. He talks about his Louis V shoes. Then he talks about how he got his first pair of Jays in 1995 when he was 7 years old in first grade. Big Sean says he loves Jordan Retro 6 and 7. He also talks about how his least favorite Jordan sneakers are the 14, 15, 17's and up. the 16's are decent though. I would agree with Sean because I really only like low number retros too. Big Sean also talks a little bit about the Air Yeezy 2 sneakers at the end

More Big Sean Interviews Here

Is There Going To Be A Nike Air Yeezy 2?

 Now I am not completely sure about this but it seems that the sneakers Kanye West was wearing in the Kobe Bryant movie "The Black Mamba" were something never seen before. They do resemble the original Air Yeezy sneaker design, but they are also different. Is Kanye West wearing Air Yeezy 2? Have a look at these pictures below and see what you think.

Are these the Air Yeezy 2 Sneakers?
They Do Not Look Like The Same Air Yeezy

Picture of Kanye West Wearing Air Yeezy 2's

Watch "The Black Mamba" - Kobe Bryant's New Movie Featuring Kanye West

I was happy to see this short film put together by Kobe Bryant and Robert Rodriguez. basically The Black Mamba Movie with Kobe Bryant is 6 minutes of advertisement for Kobe Bryant's new sneakers that he created called the Black Mamba sneakers or otherwise known as the Zoom Kobe VI sneakers. In this movie Kobe must first defeat "The Crippler" played by Danny Trejo. Then "Mister Suave" who is really Bruce Willis. Then Kobe is face to face with Kanye West or "The Boss" who he plays in this film. Kobe must play a game of basketball against Kanye West's team of evil players. Overall I think this is a great short film, especially if you are a Kobe and Nike fan.

Zoom Kobe VI Sneakers - Black Mamba

Snoop Dogg Wearing His Adidas AdiPure Sneakers - Would You Wear These?

Snoop Dogg Wearing Adidas AdiPure Sneakers

Looks like Snoop Dogg is rocking his new AdiPure sneakers, which he teamed up with adidas to design. We all know Snoop is a Lakers fan, which is probably why he releases them in the purple and yellow Lakers colorway. These kicks are pretty clean looking. They are made of patent leather, and feature Snoop's logo as well as his signature on the Adidas stripes. What do you think of these kicks? Would you buy or wear them?

Adidas AdiPure Snoop Dogg Edition
Picture of the Bottom of Snoop Dogg's Adidas AdiPure

Nike Air Force 1 - Year of the Rabbit 2011 - New Pictures

Nike Air Force 1 Year of The Rabbit Sneakers

I don't know about you guys but these Nike Air Force 1 Year of The Rabbit Edition sneakers got us pretty excited. I really love the blue orange and white colorway and think they go great on the classic AF1 design. I guess by "Year of The Rabbit" they are talking about the Chinese new year. These new kicks are pretty exclusive and are going to cost you anywhere from $370 - $430 depending on your shoe size and where you buy your Nike sneakers.

Picture of Nike Air Force 1 Year of the Rabbit

Looking to Buy a Pair of these Nike Kicks?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Nike Air Force 1 - Louis Vuitton - Are These Sneakers Real or Fake?

Nike Air Force 1 Louis Vuitton Sneakers
It seems these days more and more people are buying fake sneakers. Specifically fake Nike sneakers. I can remember the amount of fake Air Yeezy sneakers that were coming out on and other Chinese websites on the internet. Now when I saw these fake Nike Air Force 1 Louis Vuitton sneakers I became very upset. I will let you decide if they are myth or real or just totally fake.

Watch the Video for a Better Look

Nike SB Dunk Pro High Top - Denim - Midnight Navy & Obsidian

Nike SB Dunk High Pro – Midnight Navy – Obsidian – Denim
Nike SB High Pro Dunks - Midnight Navy - Obsidian - Denim
These new Nike SB high tops are pretty nice to look at. Now I am not the biggest fan when it comes to Denim style sneakers but I think Nike did a good job on these. These sneakers almost look like something from the Military, I don't know why but they look tough and gritty. I think these would go great with jeans or with basketball shorts in the summer. If you are thinking about picking up these Nike SB Midnight Navy & Obsidian Denim High tops let me know if you like them.

Does Lil Wayne love Wearing Jordan Retro 13 Sneakers

I think Lil Wayne has a thing for Jordan XIII Retros You can find Lil Wayne wearing Jordan 13's a lot at basketball games and other events. They are one of my favorite retros of all time and they are in my top sneakers. I really like them in the red & white colorway which is what you can see Wayne wearing in the pictures below.
Lil Wayne Wearing Jordan 13 Retro Sneakers

Lil Wayne wearing Jordan 13 while performing

Pictures of Kanye West's Jordan Collection

Funny Nike SB Commercial - Surgery on Nike Dunks

This is an awesome commercial for Nike Dunk SB. You can see a doctor doing surgery on a Nike Dunk SB sneaker. I thought it was clever for Nike to do as an advertisement for their popular sneakers

Nike Zoom SB Stefan Janoski Edition - Coming Spring 2011

Nike SB Stefan Janoski
Stefan Janoski has teamed up with Nike once again to bring us the Zoom SB in 3 more colorways. After having some successful sneaker releases in 2010, looks like Stefan Janoski has found that he might have a sucessful second career in shoes rather than skating. Either way we can't wait to see the Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski sneakers this spring. No word on the official release date but stay tuned to Kick Fiends and we will let you know when to head to your local sneaker shop.

Are Retro Jordan Aqua 8 Sneakers Kanye West's Favorite Sneaker?

It seems that Kanye West get's spotted in his Jordan Retro's a lot. Specifically the Air Jordan Retro Aqua IIX Sneakers. Over the years, the number of times we have seen him in these kicks it leads us to believe that they are one of his favorite sneakers. Kanye West seems to have a pretty large sneaker collection considering he has created several sneakers of his own with high end brands such as Nike, and Louis Vuitton


See more pictures of Kanye West Wearing Jordan Viii


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